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Web Hosting transfer service

Move your website

Moving your website to a new partner seems like an impossible job. Because of this many people stay with their current provider, while they are actually unhappy.

When you move your Web Hosting to HostYou, we make sure that this transfer happens flawless and without any downtime.

Do you only want to move your domain name? Look at our transfer service for domain names.

Professional Web Hosting transfer service

Thanks to the professoinal transfer service of HostYou the move of your website is hassle free and without any risk.

  1. A contact person is assigned to you for the move, who informs you about the exact transfer procedure of your domain name.
  2. You provide this contact person with all the needed technical information about your website.
  3. We make your website operational on one of the HostYou Web Servers and test it.
  4. The e-mail accounts are created by us on our Mail Servers and you receive the necessary technical information to configure these accounts on the appropriate computers.
  5. You can check if your website works well.
  6. When you are happy the transfer is started and without any downtime your website is moved to HostYou.

Conditions Web Hosting transfer service

  • There is a one time fee for the transfer service of € 50.
  • We spend up to 30 minutes on the move (enough for 95% of the websites). After that we count (after your approval) € 25 per quarter hour.
  • If we can't move the website, you don't pay anything!
  • At the moment of the move the website has to function properly, be up-to-date (f.e. compatible with our PHP versions) and free of malware.
  • We need your cooperation (like the effort to test) and access (FTP, SQL, transfer codes, ...) to finalize a move successfully.

Do you want to use our transfer service?