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  1. You can take advantage of big discounts on domainnames and services.
  2. No investment is necessary. You pay for what you use and costs will go up and down based on your revenue.
  3. You get one invoice monthly of the delivered services to simplify the administration.
  4. The physical and technical management is completely in hands of HostYou so you can concentrate on the sales of your products.
  5. You are the first contact for your clients, but the HostYou experts are always ready to assist you in word and deed.


When you add a client or project to HostYou, the billing is done directly to the client. This client will then also become a client of HostYou and HostYou can then be directly contacted for support. If you wish, you can stay the technical contact for your client, and then you will receive a commission up to 25%.

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