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General conditions

The general conditions described below are associated with the use of SMS 3460. The use of this service implies that the user has been informed of these conditions and has accepted them.

You commit yourself to do so to respect the Royal Decree of Februari 9, 2011 regarding the establishment of the Code of Ethics for telecommunications. Consult the website for more information about the KB and any procedure for handling complaints.

Technical availability

HostYou BVBA ® makes great efforts to prevent interruptions caused by technical errors as much as possible. However they cannot guarantee that SMS 3460 will be completely free from interruptions or will not be affected by other technical problems or malfunctions.

Under no circumstances can HostYou BVBA ® be liable for such interruptions or failures, or can they lead to refunds or price adjustments.


In addition to the foregoing HostYou BVBA ® cannot be held responsible for any damages arising or resulting from any use of SMS 3460 or the information made available, or interruptions caused by technical errors through this service.

Any use you make of the information available on SMS 3460 is therefore entirely at your own risk. The user is therefore liable for any choice he makes, based on information obtained through this service.

Privacy plicy

By providing their personal details the user gives HostYou BVBA ® the explicit and unambiguous consent to process this data in accordance with the terms of the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 for privacy protection. The personal data is collected and processed for the purpose of providing the service SMS 3460. Unless opposed by the user, the personal data may be disclosed to third parties. In opposition you can contact

HostYou BVBA ® reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, in accordance with the applicable privacy law.


The free service of SMS 3460 to use a free keyword for HostYou BVBA ® customers provides no payments to the respective customers. Yields are always reserved for the mobile operator and HostYou BVBA ®.


In advertising or other communication 3460 has to be indicated by the use of an icon with one single graphical layout as described below. The general layout will look like the picture as is shown in Fig. 1 below. The proportions in height and length are fixed and cannot be deviated from. The minimum length is 20 mm.

3460 afmetingen

The font FRUTIGER or ARIAL has to be used. For the short code and the pricing, the same font has to be used.

The font size for the price is at least 1/3 of the short code and can never be  less than 10 points.

The price must always be stated this way: "0.50 € / ontvangen-verzonden SMS"


The icon must have the following color:

  Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Frame Black Black Black
Text White White Black
Background Black Blue Yellow

The color code is as follows (R/G/B)

White: 255/255/255
Black: 0/0/0
Yellow: PMS Yellow
Blue: PMS 2935


The above and the components applied in the following document will be strictly applied at all times.

GOF guidelines for SMS/MMS services

Policy changes

HostYou BVBA ® reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time and will put in effort into keeping the user notified of any changes that occur.

HostYou BVBA ® can decide at any moment to stop providing the service SMS 3460.